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How many different kinds of roofs can you spot on the houses on your street? A few decades ago, you may have only seen shingle roofs, perhaps with the occasional slate roof mixed in. But these days, there are more kinds of roofing on the market. Metal roofs are becoming common because they can be made from recycled materials. Tile is a popular choice because it lasts a lot longer than other roofing materials. And then there are some roofers who install rubber roofs because they're smooth and easy to install. Learn more about roofs of all types on this blog.



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Ventilation—An Essential Part Of A Roofing System

A roofing ventilation system prevents moisture buildup along the base of a rooftop. Since moisture can lead to staining and damage to your home's interior, it is practical to have residential roofers inspect the roof of an older home that you have recently purchased.

Vents And Placement Variables

Vents aid in ensuring that cool air filters through the base of a roof. Moisture and heat are blown out through exhaust venting. Vents do not detract from a roof's appearance. They are one of the first materials that are installed when a roofing system is installed. An older home or one that had inferior roofing products installed on it may not contain an adequate ventilation system. Even if vents are present, they may not have been installed correctly or they may be damaged.

Inspections And An Itemized Report

Roofers will inspect a rooftop to determine if a ventilation system needs to be installed or modified. This inspection process can involve checking the placement and condition of the vents, plus assessing the placement and condition of the roofing materials themselves. A property owner can perform some preliminary steps that may help them determine if a problem may be present.

A walkthrough of the upper room in a home can often lead to revealing roofing problems. For instance, if the attic in a home has some spots running across its interior, these spots could be indicative of moisture buildup. The buildup could be related to the venting system. It could also be related to the condition of the roofing materials. In some cases, both the venting system and the roofing materials will need to be repaired or replaced. This is why it is important for a property owner to hire a roofing company that advertises comprehensive services.

A company that conducts thorough inspections will check out every part of a roofing system. They may take notes as they conduct a walkthrough of the roof and the upper floor within a home. During these walkthroughs, the trusses, soffit, rafters, and other essential materials will be looked over.

A roofing inspection report will outline what type of issue is present and may indicate a timeframe in which a roof should reasonably be upgraded. Some problems may not be severe, allowing a property owner to determine how they will fund the project and how they will go about hiring a roofing crew to handle the repair work. 

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