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How many different kinds of roofs can you spot on the houses on your street? A few decades ago, you may have only seen shingle roofs, perhaps with the occasional slate roof mixed in. But these days, there are more kinds of roofing on the market. Metal roofs are becoming common because they can be made from recycled materials. Tile is a popular choice because it lasts a lot longer than other roofing materials. And then there are some roofers who install rubber roofs because they're smooth and easy to install. Learn more about roofs of all types on this blog.



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See Why You're Having A Sagging Roof

Roof framings are designed so that the angles formed are straight and level, allowing rainwater to drain easily. Over time, however, the roof may start to sag and exhibit signs of instability. Contacting a local roofing contractor to inspect the roof is advisable to prevent excessive roof damage and consequent roof collapse. Here are four reasons why your roof may be sagging.

1. Extra Weight 

Areas that experience snowfall and ice have a higher risk of roof damage caused by extra weight. While most designs account for this extra weight, excessive weight over an extended time can make the roof bulge downwards and compromise its structural integrity. Therefore, it is necessary to rake the snow off the roof to minimize the weight while also taking care not to damage the brittle, frozen shingles. Fortunately, professional roofers have the necessary experience, tools, and training for the job.

2. Aging

Like with most products, roofs have a lifespan that varies depending on the roof's material. Nonetheless, once the roof has gone through its lifespan, it starts to deteriorate, which may manifest as sagging. While a thorough inspection of the roof, in addition to regular maintenance, can help prolong its service life. Hiring an expert roofer and having your roof replaced is the most cost-effective way to sort out the issue of a sagging roof.

3. Water Damage Has Taken a Toll On Your Roof

Roofs are constantly exposed to precipitation such as rainwater and snow. Improper drainage systems allow water to pool and seep through the roof resulting in water damage. Unfortunately, excessive moisture can create a conducive environment for the growth of fungi on the roofing. This further diminishes the overall strength of the roof structure. In such cases, contacting a residential roofing contractor to conduct regular inspections is advisable because they can detect early signs of water damage before they escalate.

4. When the Roof Components Like Joints and Rafters Aren't Adequate

Roofs are generally constructed in a triangular shape where the ceiling and the roof structure joints are the base, and the beam rafters are the slanting walls. The roof's load is spread out through the rafters, joints as well as walls. Improper construction of the roof done by DIYselfer can prompt the load not to be distributed evenly, and this can make your roofing structure not only sag but also become unstable over time.

While it might not seem like an emergency when the residential roof starts sagging a little, it is necessary to call an expert roofer so that they can identify the source of the problem and advise on the best way forward. This intervention ensures that the roof's overall structure remains intact and prevents further damage.

For help with your roofing issues, contact a residential roofing company near you.