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How many different kinds of roofs can you spot on the houses on your street? A few decades ago, you may have only seen shingle roofs, perhaps with the occasional slate roof mixed in. But these days, there are more kinds of roofing on the market. Metal roofs are becoming common because they can be made from recycled materials. Tile is a popular choice because it lasts a lot longer than other roofing materials. And then there are some roofers who install rubber roofs because they're smooth and easy to install. Learn more about roofs of all types on this blog.



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Learn About Roof Damage And When The Roofer Should Come Out

A part of your home's regular maintenance should include roof inspections that you want to make sure to stay on top of. You should follow your roofing company's suggestions regarding how often they should be coming out to check your roof's condition. The type of roof you have, the weather in the region you live in, and other factors may determine the length of time you should be going between inspections. However, even with the roofer inspecting the roof as suggested, you can still end up with roof repairs. Here are some things that can cause roof damage, as well as signs that there might be damage that needs attention: 

Storms can damage your roof

Storms can cause various types of damage to your roof. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for any signs of damage to the roof following a storm. The wind can tear off shingles, the hail can beat down on the roof and cause damage, and the storm can even blow tree branches onto the roof and damage it. If you see possible signs of damage, or you can't see the whole roof, then you should have a roofer come out. 

Pests can damage your roof

Pests can cause different types of damage to your roof as well. Termites can gnaw through wood, including framing and sheathing materials, that are critical to your roof. Raccoons can rip roofing material off the roof and even cause further damage to the material underneath. If you find you have pests on the roof or in the attic, then you want to have the pests removed. Also, you want the roofer to come out and repair all the damage that the pests caused. 

Signs of damage to the roof

There can be a lot of signs indicating your home has roofing damage. If you are seeing water drip from the ceiling, you notice dark areas on the ceiling, or you see bubbling or sagging, then the roofer should come out to repair a leaky roof. 

If you are seeing parts of your roof on the ground, such as shingles or pieces of the wooden shake, then the roofer should come to fix the roof. If there are a lot of granules on the ground, or in the gutters, then you might need to have the roof replaced, and the roofer should come to check things out and take care of the problem.

For more information on roof repair, contact a professional near you.