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How many different kinds of roofs can you spot on the houses on your street? A few decades ago, you may have only seen shingle roofs, perhaps with the occasional slate roof mixed in. But these days, there are more kinds of roofing on the market. Metal roofs are becoming common because they can be made from recycled materials. Tile is a popular choice because it lasts a lot longer than other roofing materials. And then there are some roofers who install rubber roofs because they're smooth and easy to install. Learn more about roofs of all types on this blog.



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Discover The Top 3 Benefits Of Installing Gutter Guards On Your Home

With spring right around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about home improvement projects on the exterior of your home. One of these projects that you should be considering is the installation of gutter guards. Keep reading below to learn more about three of the very impressive benefits that gutter guards have to offer and why you should not wait another year to install these guards on your home. 

#1: Helps To Prevent Water Damage

While few homeowners spend much time sitting around thinking about their gutter system, the fact is that the gutters on your home play an important part in draining water safely away from your home. If these gutters become clogged with debris, the water will no longer be able to flow through them and be safely drained away from your home. This can result in water damage to your roof, as well as damage to the foundation of your home as groundwater levels get too high. Gutter guards help to prevent debris from entering your gutter system and causing clogs. As a result, these guards are able to greatly reduce the risk of damage to your home.

#2: Saves Time And Money Related To Maintenance

In order to keep your gutter system functioning properly, you will need to take the time to remove any debris from your gutters at least a few times each year. This can be a rather time-consuming process and can pose safety risks if you do not have the proper equipment to safely reach your gutters. In addition to the time commitment this job will require, you will likely need to invest your hard-earned money as well. This financial investment will be the result of purchasing equipment or hiring a contractor to do the job for you. Installing gutter guards on your home will allow you to avoid this maintenance and the investments that come along with it. 

#3: Prevents Fire Hazard

Not only can the debris that gathers in your gutters pose the threat of water damage, but it can also result in a rather serious fire hazard. This is because dried leaves and branches that gather in your gutters can easily be ignited by a stray spark. Since gutter guards prevent this debris from building up in the first place, installing these guards on your home can help to reduce your risk of a house fire. 

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